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  • “Vocal Madness is a delight.”Scott Yanow, LA Jazz
  • “And now, well into the new century, the Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet takes hipness to a new level, and swings with élan on Vocal Madness…The tricky lyrics show the group’s sleek and elastic improvisations…Although this Washington DC based group has received some well-deserved accolades, it merits a wider audience.”Pierre Giroux, Audiophile Audition magazine
  • “Almost like a hidden time piece that escaped from the vaults after hiding in a corner for years, this killer jazz vocal set hits all the right notes and will be tickling your fancy before you know what’s happened. Killer stuff so thoroughly in the pocket, hearing almost isn’t believing. It’s that hot.” Chris Spector, Midwest Record
  • “Exceptional tight-harmony group … symmetry and individual vocals that blend so well. Yes, they really are that good and worthy of serious attention. We need what they offer… They’ve got it. They are carrying the torch.” John Hoglund, Cabaret Scenes Magazine
  • “Old school moving to new cool. As versatile and entertaining as any vocal group you may hear. The Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet takes their original influences of some iconic masters and transforms them into their own unique flavor and unforgettable sound. The voices will give you goose bumps, the arrangements will grab your ear while the stories will touch your heart.”  Brent Black, CriticalJazz
  • “Vocal Madness…a highly attractive and energetic package! Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet… what more could ya want from life? Richie Cole has long been famed for his bebop style and upbeat creativity, and he sparkles throughout the entire CD, whether vamping, accompanying, soloing, or just kicking up his heels for the hell of it. In fact, he’s the quartet’s fifth voice…the base five were made for each other… the pairing is quintessential.” Mark S. Tucker, FAME